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Almost Free Conflict Minerals Program Review

In 2011, we began developing our conflict minerals program assessment tool, which we ultimately called CMCheckPoint.  We have used CMCheckPoint at each of the gap analyses/program assessments we have done in the past four years.  A number of well-known multi-billion dollar companies chose to purchase it and use internally themselves.   It has been tested over time and improvements made since its inception.  If you aren’t already familiar with it, watch this short video.  While it shows an older version, all that functionality – and more – has been retained.

Last week, we completed the update to version 2.2* reflecting the most up to date interpretations and guidance documents (even the CFSI’s Five Practical Steps document issued last month).  It had been some time since we last updated it, and we were surprised and pleased when we realized that only minor changes were necessary.  To us, this demonstrated that we had thought things out well from the beginning and kept it up quite nicely by incorporating the major developments in the past.

From the beginning, it was our intent for CMCheckPoint to be used by internal client staff without our facilitation – and it has.  Now there is much more technical conflict minerals knowledge within company organizations than in years past, but even so there is still a need for staff to assess their programs in a cost effective manner.

So for the next two weeks, we are making CMCheckPoint available for US$2,500** – half its original price.

You may wonder why we are doing this.  Companies are dealing with cost pressures and many view conflict minerals as a low-value compliance exercise, so a low cost, high quality support option meets a significant need.  And we continue to hear companies lament the expensive yet poor quality, unsatisfactory and sometimes simply incorrect consulting/advisory support they have received in the past.

Please email or call us to purchase CMCheckPoint – there is still time to use it to review/evaluate your CY2014 filing as well as moving forward for CY2015.


*  Immediately available in Excel 2011.  The Excel 2007 version is forthcoming.

**  CMCheckPoint is not available to third party service providers, IT systems, consultants, auditors or law firms.


The Best Training on Conflict Minerals

You have endured numerous  webinars, conference calls, seminars,  conferences and other training sessions on conflict minerals.  You may have even remained awake through some of them, or at least not been on email as much as you would in a normal day.

We sympathize – we have been the trainer or presenter in many of these instances.

But we have a far better training approach.  One that every client has said kept them fully engaged the entire time, and provided the deepest level of learning.  With no powerpoint presentations.

Right now, you are probably thinking “And unicorns and Santa Claus are real, too.”

For more than two years, we have used our CMCheckPoint(sm) tool for conducting conflict minerals program assessments and gap analyses.  At the same time, client participants have specifically mentioned the meaningful training and awareness obtained through the process.  Perhaps not surprising as many people find experiential learning more beneficial than classroom-style lectures.

If you need internal training and want to get the most for your money, our CMCheckPoint(sm) assessment process is your best choice.  For one reasonable cost, you get the best training possible for as many people as you wish, combined with an in depth program assessment.

And while unicorns don’t exist (at least not on land), no one has ever nodded off in our sessions.  No comment about Santa Claus.

Contact us for more information.