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Washington Post and FRAMED on Conflict Minerals: Advocates Help, Activists Don’t

The Washington Post today published a piece by Laura Seay, an Assistant Professor of Government at Colby College studying African politics, conflict, and development, with a focus on central Africa.   This is worth a read as it presents a cynical (and not necessarily wrong) view of American involvement in African affairs.

On a similar note, we recently had conversations with the producer of FRAMED, a documentary in the final stages of production.  Cassandra Herrman, the film’s producer, spent a number of years at Frontline and earned two Emmy nominations for her previous work, which includes topics on African affairs.  The film and the WaPo piece carry very similar messages that relate directly to conflict minerals, the catalyst for Dodd Frank Section 1502 and the American/African dichotomy.

We think these are indeed interesting and thought provoking.