Advance Copy of UN Group of Experts Midterm Report on DRC, Conflict Minerals Reportedly Available

Claims have surfaced of an advance publication of the UN Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the Congo Midterm Report, Dated June 20, 2013. While the organization that published the report has seen controversy itself, Bloomberg has picked up the story. Elm has not independently verified the source or accuracy of the information in the report published by the organization.

The report covers a number of topics and an overview of the recent history of the conflict in the DRC, and cross-border involvement. In the context of conflict minerals, the following paragraphs offered information of the most interest:

  • 46, 47
  • 71, 76, 77
  • 82, 89, 96
  • 151 – 198

Below is general summary of some of the key information we found in the text of the report as published by the source:

  • The lack of demand for untagged minerals has encouraged smuggling across borders at reduced prices (para 153, 162).
  • Gold has become the focus of the smuggling, and is still mostly smuggled along the routes identified in previous Group of Experts reports and by the same players (para 157, 161, 164).
  • Specific methods of armed group financing obtained from gold are discussed in paragraphs 165 – 168.
  • Inconsistencies appear to exist between official governmental production numbers for gold (specifically in South Kivu and Ituri, Burundi and Uganda) and information provided by local official and traders in (para 158-160, 162).
  • Burundi and Uganda have not implemented gold traceability processes (para 162, 163).
  • For 3T, there continues to be a market for untagged ores and smuggling continues (para 170, 175, 176, 177, 187 – 190, 194).
  • The Congolese Mining Minister’s air transportation ban was successfully enforced in Maniema, resulting in increased tin ore legal trade and transportation (para 171, 172).
  • Government seizures of untagged ore have occurred in adjoining countries (para 191 – 193).



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