“Absolutely Safe”

Those of us from the South know the old joke: What does a redneck say before he goes in a hospital?  Answer:  “Hey Bubba – watch this…”

Funny.  But what isn’t so funny is that Russia has actually launched a barge that is intended to be the foundation for a floating nuclear power plant.  And the head of the Russian nuclear regulatory agency has called the floating power plant “absolutely safe.”

They must have hired Neptune, Poseidon, Zeus, Jupiter – and their entire mythological posses – to participate in their risk assessment and control program.  That’s impressive.

Read the article from Reuters.

Perhaps senior level officials from Russia nuclear regulatory agency should come spend a summer in the south with Bubba and his friends.  So what does a Russian nuclear agency official say before he creates a nuclear disaster?  “Hey Comrade – its absolutely safe”.

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