Where Have all the Conflict Minerals Seminars Gone?

One thing we noticed this year is that the number of publicly available learning opportunities for conflict minerals is down significantly compared to 2014.  To some extent, this is okay because in the past couple years there have been too many webinars, presentations and seminars on the topic, meaning that the same information (and oftentimes the same old boring speakers such as ourselves) were continually recycled during that time.  Last year, some major conferences saw a dozen or so attendees, and several webinars were cancelled due to a lack of interest probably because of that.

Understandably, potential event sponsors were hesitant to develop conflict minerals programs for 2015 for fear of continued lack of interest, and the pendulum appears to have swung to the other extreme.  Again, maybe this isn’t altogether a bad thing and perhaps reflects the evolution of corporate knowledge on conflict minerals – general/broad information may no longer be as necessary as more detailed sessions on targeted subtopics.

So we put together a very short survey to gather some data and insights into your information needs.  We plan to use this information to guide future events, presentation opportunities and the articles we publish.

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