The Checkered Flag Comes Down on Conflict Minerals Filings

UPDATE as of 8:00pm Eastern time:

  • 1248 total Form SDs have been filed covering CY2014
  • 541 were filed today alone
  • We are still only able to find 6 IPSAs as indicated below.


Today is June 1, 2015 Рthe deadline for submitting to the Securities and Exchange Commission the CY2014 Form SDs and Conflict Minerals Reports.  Interesting statistics will be changing by the hour, but as of 8:00am eastern time today:

  • 750 Form SDs have been filed
  • at least 31 CY2014 filers did not file last year. ¬†Four more initially seem to be new filers this year, but that is due to minor changes in the name of the company for CY2014 and in reality, they did file last year under their old name.
  • 6 IPSAs were conducted – 3 by CPAs and 3 by non-CPAs.

Stay tuned for updates through today and this week as well.

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