Pose Questions to African and Global Experts on Conflict Minerals, DRC

Do you have questions about conflict minerals programs or cultural/business contexts of conflict minerals in Central Africa?

In just over a month, Elm’s Lawrence Heim will be presenting at ITRI’s Conflict Minerals Programme in Cape Town South Africa as part of ITRI’s International Tin Conference 2012.

He is joining a panel of world renowned experts from Central African countries including DRC, the United Nations (UN), US Agency for International Development (USAID) and more.  These recognized experts, covering a range of topics relevant to cultural and business implications of conflict minerals in Africa, include (alphabetically):

  • Patrick Amisi, Minister of Mines, Maniema, DRC
  • Banny Banza, Vice President Stakeholders Committee Katanga, Head of SAESSCAM Katanga
  • Bali Barume – BGR
  • Yves Bawa – Pact
  • Cyprien Birhingingwa, South Kivu civil society
  • Assheton Carter, Senior Vice President, Pact
  • Joseph Ikoli – DRC
  • Eric Kajemba, OGP (civil society) (to be confirmed)
  • John Kanyoni, FEC & Association des Comptoirs, North Kivu and DRC
  • Bob Leet – EICC/Intel
  • Gilbert Leya – Katanga
  • Paul Mabolia, ICGLR Committee on Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources, DRC
  • Joseph Mbaya – Rwanda
  • Kay Nimmo – ITRI
  • Henry Nkeng – MONUSCO – Centre de Negoce
  • Dr Emmanuel Nkurunziza, President of Stakeholders Committee Rwanda, Director General 
Rwanda Natural Resources Authority
  • Richard Robinson, Extractive Industry Technical Advisor, USAID (invited)
  • Gregory Mthembu Salter, consultant to UN Group of Experts on due diligence
  • Graham Smith , RSDIP Program Coordinator, Development Bank of Southern Africa
  • Vincent Songe – Kivus (connection with other initiatives)
  • Representatives from the ICGLR data team and Audit Committee

Elm is offering you the opportunity to submit questions directly to these subject matter authorities.  Click here to submit written questions.  Please include the name of the specific individual to whom the question is addressed.  Answers will be consolidated and posted to our blog within two weeks after the ITRI Conflict Minerals Programme has concluded.

Mr. Heim will attempt to present all questions, but please be aware we can’t guarantee that all questions submitted to us will be presented, or that answers will be provided to all that are presented to the experts.  Further, we reserve the right to screen the questions and exclude any that we determine to be inappropriate or inflammatory.

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