Pointed Commentary on Conflict Minerals from the UK

An article from the UK newspaper The Register offers candid views on Dodd-Frank, conflict minerals regulation and the reality of consumer behavior.  Most of the article comes across to us as deliberately bellicose and truculent but we do believe there is some truth in the writer’s statements about consumer words versus their actions:

You can get people to talk about many things; you can even get them to vote in some pretty odd ways. But if you want to find out what people really think, understand their actual motivations, you’re a lot better off looking at what they actually do instead.

We have seen this concept played out many times over the past 20 years in relation to preferences expressed in consumer surveys for environmentally preferable/sustainable products, only to be borne out differently in reality.  This isn’t to mean that such products fail altogether – but frequently there is a large gap between survey results and actual spending.

Tim Worstall, the author of the article, writes on specialty metals matters for Forbes.com and has been an outspoken critic on Dodd-Frank in that publication as well.

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