FDLR Files Official “Warning” to the UN Security Council

Thanks to our friend Harrison Mitchell of RCS Global (one of the members of the Conflict Minerals Consortium with whom we work on various projects) for bringing these fascinating documents to our attention.

First, providing a bit of current background, a Reuters report on UN increased military action in DRC/Rwanda.  Within the past few months, the UN forces in the region changed their mandate from defensive-only tactics, to going on the offense.  Many observers credit the fall of M23 to this change in military tactics.

In response to the UN’s change in direction, the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) – one of the original militia groups on which the need for Dodd Frank Section 1502 concerning conflict minerals was based – filed a formal letter with the UN Security Council warning the UN Security Council in particular and the UN – International community in general that any attempt of using armed confrontations, with intention to annihilate FDLR is more likely to fail…”  The document provides the FDLR’s position on the history of the conflict in the Great Lakes Region, its political and cultural background and offers evidence of the UN’s bias against the FDLR.  At one point, the FDLR suggests that the UN should “act[] as a genuine “UN Security Council” and not as a “UN Trouble Maker Council.”

Interesting reading at the least.

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