Elm Continues to Respond to Changing Needs on Conflict Minerals Assessments, Consulting

Elm announces CM CheckPointSM, a new rapid and highly cost-effective conflict minerals program assessment method/deliverable to be available late January 2013.  CM CheckPointSM is intended for companies who have already begun program development or implementation and are looking for high-level “navigation checks” – rather than deep dives –  from a third party to confirm strategic direction, alignment with SEC regulations and/or project status.

Features of CM CheckPointSM include:

  • Assesses from a high-level perspective practices/status/available documentation against the three-step process for SEC regulatory compliance (plus reporting/auditing) and the 5-step process of OECD Due Diligence framework and related supplements
  • Reviews from a high-level perspective the framework, strategy, procedures, and generalized level of implementation at the company’s corporate level
  • Topic/element/task general completion status indicators of Complete, Partially Complete, Not Started, Not Applicable
  • Severity rankings for  identified gaps/deficiencies reflecting potential importance to program implementation or potential audit outcome
  • Can be used to confirm site-level program implementation/consistency with corporate expectations
  • Automated summary report generation on-site with intuitive visual indicators
  • Comment fields for each topic and sub-element allow highlighting of relevant data, findings or limitations encountered
  • Minimal disruption – requires a single Elm assessor and only a few days on site, including on-site summary reporting

Evolutionary steps in developing CM CheckPointSM relied on internal client staff and resources to conduct the process as an internal self-assessment.  Over time, the feedback we received was that companies supported a form of quick assessment, but expressed a strong preference for having an external subject matter expert at the helm to offer specific expertise, guidance and understanding especially in relation to what we call “emerging industry consensus”.  With CM CheckPointSM,  this review is facilitated by us, guiding users through the SEC conflict minerals regulations and related programs, maximizing the efficiency of the review and providing broad benchmarking insight from our experiences.

CM CheckPointSM was not designed for companies seeking strategic advisory or consulting support for initial program conflict minerals program scoping and design.  In that case, a detailed assessment utilizing a multi-disciplinary team of subject matter experts is best to establish a solid foundation (and related documentation) for decisions, systems and procedures reflecting corporate strategies/goals, systems, special circumstances combined with verification of site operations.

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