Elm Announces Fixed Fee Pricing for Conflict Minerals Services

In order to best help companies manage conflict minerals compliance costs, Elm Sustainability Partners is launching a menu of all-inclusive fixed fee services for our most popular services.

We are able to offer this budget certainty because of our extensive experience delivering these services to clients.  After almost four years of providing conflict minerals consulting and advisory support, we understand the level of effort – and related pricing – associated with our most common standard engagements.  Our library of client-tested template documents also contributes to our ability to make this commitment.

Companies face a wide gap in pricing and scope of services, with many paying far too much only to be disappointed in the results and quality.  Our initiative benefits clients by helping them with their costs, and may help bring some level of costing consistency or rationalization to the overall market to benefit everyone.

The pricing includes travel and all other related costs, based on certain reasonable assumptions and conditions that are reasonably achievable.

If you would like more information, please contact us.

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