Elm and MetalMiner Announce CMCheckPoint(sm) Available for Purchase

Elm Sustainability Partners LLC (a newly created subsidiary of The Elm Consulting Group International LLC) and MetalMiner jointly announce the public availability of Elm’s CMCheckPointSM.

Completely unique in the marketplace, CMCheckPointSM is a detailed conflict minerals program assessment tool for downstream companies. It can be implemented by internal staff to review compliance and implementation decisions and strategies, track completion of program development and even score severity of identified gaps. Proprietary graphics and flowcharts are included, as well as information from the May 30, 2013 Q&A from SEC and detailed table of contents of the Federal Register version of the rules.

CMCheckPointSM is not an IT system for supplier engagement/response tracking/data exchange, but a spreadsheet for creating/evaluating overarching management programs and regulatory compliance decisions applicable to downstream companies. It covers the SEC regulatory elements, the OECD 5 step framework and related supplements.

“This tool has developed through various forms for longer than most consulting firms have been in the conflict minerals advisory space,” said Lawrence Heim, Director of Elm Consulting Group International LLC/Elm Sustainability Partners LLC.

Heim continued: “CMCheckPointSM reflects actual project implementation experience (including Fortune 200 companies) and scores of detailed discussions/reviews with many of the world’s most recognized corporate leaders in conflict minerals program development. It is also the result of hundreds of research hours, sifting through the regulation and preamble; guidance documents from industry associations, law firms, accounting firms, international organizations; comment letters to SEC’s proposed regulation; GAO documents; certain legal filings; and publicly available information from credible sources like the OECD Pilot Program Reports.”

“Nobody understands conflict minerals regulations as deeply as Elm Sustainability Partners,” said Lisa Reisman managing editor of MetalMiner, “we are thrilled to be able to offer an alternative to higher cost consulting services from a leading subject matter expert that will greatly expedite any company’s conflict minerals compliance program.”

Click each to see screenshots of excerpts from CMCheckPointSM

Main summary, scoring and navigation page excerpt.

Automated categorical scoring raw data charts.

Detailed final regulation table of contents.

Sample topic guidance and assessment page.

Exclusive color-coded regulatory flow chart.

The tool can be downloaded through MetalMiner’s website either on a standalone basis or with consulting/training support packages.

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