CY15 Conflict Minerals Filings Analysis Underway: Don’t Call it “The Tulane Study”

As in past years, Dr. Chris Bayer is leading an analysis of the CY2015 SEC filings on conflict minerals.  Like last year’s report, it is an independent review and ranking of the disclosures – what Dr. Bayer is calling “assess and bless”.  Although this year’s analysis of good practice indicators has changed, the compliance indicators remain unchanged.  Previous years’ reports attracted much attention in the media and did indeed drive company behavior rather broadly – perhaps more than other reports or organizations in the past.

However, it is incorrect to refer to the CY2015 report as “the Tulane study” or link it directly to Tulane University in any way.  Dr. Bayer conducted the work under Development International, a firm he founded.  Indeed, the CY2014 study was also conducted under Development International as well.

So for this year, please don’t call it “the Tulane study”.

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