Conflict Minerals Form SD/CMR Benchmarking – You Pick the Companies

The semi-official final count of Form SDs/CMRs filed with the SEC is 1,300.  We are in the process of reviewing every single one of these against a set of 20 key criteria to produce flexible benchmarking reports.  To date, we have completed full reviews of 125 filings and partial reviews of almost 500.

We have captured the “big names” in the initial 125 full reviews but are now tackling the rest alphabetically.  That may not be the best approach, so we’d like your help in determining the companies you are most interested in having us review first. From there, you can request a benchmarking report that includes the requested filings.

We welcome any comments and suggestions to assist in prioritizing the reviews.   Please feel free to email us directly or via the contact form on our website.

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