Across the Finish Line for Conflict Minerals Filings

UPDATE: As of June 15, the total number of filers stands at 1,209 by our count.

Today is June 1, 2016, the day after SEC’s filing deadline for Form SDs and Conflict Minerals Reports (CMRs).  All regulated companies should have submitted their disclosures by now, although we expect to see more continue to trickle in for a few days.  But by our count as of late afternoon June 1, the final tally is 1,197 companies filed a Form SD.  We didn’t look into how many submitted a CMR versus just a Form SD – we will leave that to Dr. Chris Bayer.

With regard to the IPSA count, our final numbers, the listing of the companies conducting an IPSA, and a breakdown of the auditors is available in this post.

Congratulations to all those who crossed the finish line.  Enjoy your summer before having to turn your attention back to conflict minerals.


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